D A R L I N G S...

PERSONALISATION METHOD | Each character is individually stamped by hand in the Stanley and Maud signature uppercase font, the font size may vary per design.
Characters may vary in depth, spacing and alignment.
Characters available (A-Z),(0-9),(,.'&),(heart shapes),(varying star shapes)- not suitable for all designs).
Your personalisation will be stamped as per your order notes- it is not Stanley and Maud's responsibility to spell check, provide language/numeral/size conversions.
The method used to personalise means most designs are not suitable for personalising on 'both sides' as the blow of the hammer can leave an imprint underside, kindly note this is not a fault and is part of the charm of hand stamping.
Where there is an option to personalise designs both sides there will be appropriate text boxes.
| Details of each individual design are detailed on the design page, if you would like further sizing details or perhaps require a bespoke size please get in touch.
CREATIVE METHODMost of the SM Collection is completely handcrafted and made to order, signs of workmanship, process and variations are not faults and are part of the jewellery's individual story and unique charm.
ORB designs are completely bespoke, they will show signs of the 'creative process' and they are in no way manipulated. ORB designs vary in size, thickness, shape and finish. The only similarity is the desired metals starting weight which determines their 'size' ie. MINI, MAXI, COEUR etc.
Some ORBS take a really rounded finish so they appear more smooth and others a more ‘bumpy moon like’ texture or a mix between the two, it’s the beauty of them, each one is completely unique, no two will ever be the same.
Should you wish to order an additional ORB design further down the line you're most welcome to get in touch first to enquire if similarity is possible
example | you own a MIDI ORB Necklace with a MINI STORY CHARM and you want to add another MINI STORY CHARM and for it be similar in size, thickness etc.
| Stanley and Maud have the right to amend minor details regarding stock/fulfilment.