I started Stanley and Maud by accident in 2015.

I never intended to start a business, I was on maternity leave from my events role and I was made redundant.

Prior to that news, which I was devastated by at the time, I wanted something to keep me busy (my son was a real sleeper!) and I'm a serial creative.

I'd tried knitting (epic fail), sewing (also an epic fail), I'd decorated and organised our home 1671256734 times, I'd made a herb garden (I love gardening (seasonally)) and I wanted some herb markers. I began my online search and I loved the rustic stamped style and being the creative I am I looked into the method and fell in love with the look of 'handstamping'.
I decided to make my own.
I spent the dregs of my maternity pay on supplies and so the story begins.

From that point family and friends were being given herb markers, keyrings, bookmarks anything I could stamp whether they liked it or not.
A long story short I was soon being asked by friends of friends to make things and so I set up social media accounts, an Etsy shop and I named the business after my children's snugs.

Being the magpie I am I soon branched into simple jewellery and I moved on from Etsy to my own website.

I'm completely self taught and I'm still learning as I grow.

I adore jewellery. I love how it can lift and elevate outfits, I love how it empowers me and brightens my mood...if I don't sound like a wind chime I'm not wearing enough!! I have an eye for classic, timeless style and I design jewellery that I wear myself every single day.
The Stanley and Maud concept has always been
Beautiful | Simple | Jewellery

The collections are made up of designs handcrafted using Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold or curated collections of complimenting designs to layer and build your personal collection.

I am the founder of Stanley and Maud but I'm also the designer, the creator, the accountant, the tea maker and the admin clerk (the list goes on)...I may work alone but I have the most wonderful team behind incredible loyal customers.

I have an amazing social following that's more like a community and I'm so grateful it's honestly like having thousands of cheerleaders on the other side of my screen.

I'm so thankful and I'm so grateful for what I've built, I love what I do, my brand is everything.

Being trusted to be a part of your stories by the jewellery designs that you choose and knowing your designs mean the world to you like mine do to me is PURE MAGIC.

"Own your story"

Thank you for being a part of mine.